• Do you have heartburn? Talk to a Physician to see if EsoGuard is right for you.

    Esophageal cancer is the second most lethal cancer in the US.

    Chronic heartburn can lead to esophageal precancer, which can be monitored and treated to prevent progression to cancer.

    EsoGuard is the first and only rapid, non-invasive, office-based test which allows your physician to detect esophageal precancer.

    Simply fill out the online questionnaire and complete a visit with one of our U.S. licensed physicians.

Your DNA for early detection.

EsoGuard is a DNA test that has been shown to accurately detect esophageal precancer.

The EsoGuard DNA test is performed on cells collected from your esophagus by a licensed clinician at a Lucid Test Center.

Getting started is easy!

After completing a short online questionnaire, one of our physicians will evaluate you during a brief online visit. If the physician orders the EsoGuard test you will be contacted to schedule an in-person visit at a nearby Lucid Test Center.

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    Request an online physician evaluation

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    Complete a short medical questionnaire

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    Schedule online physician evaluation and provide insurance information

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    Complete online physician evaluation and schedule Lucid Test Center visit, if indicated